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Service that should make life easier
The main objective of this project was to make a service that can make life easier, and for specialists to help in finding new customers. Below we will talk about the main features of the service, about what it gives to the contractor and the customer.
Advantages for the average user
Any user can find a solution to their problems in just a few clicks. At the same time referring to the master, the user will always be confident in the competence of the master.
Benefits for specialists
Performer of any specialties can provide information about themselves and their services, specify prices for their services, upload examples of their work, as well as indicate their working time and workload.
Search specialist in two clicks
The service provides a wide range of filtering and sorting, and a special ranking algorithm making it possible to find the necessary specialist just in a few clicks. At the same time, there is no need to register for ordering services, which will allow to solve urgent problems as quickly as possible.
Rating system
The rating system is simple and at the same time very convenient and transparent. The main goal of development - the specialists doing their job efficiently, always will be inducted, this will contribute to professional growth and development. At the same time, the rating system gives a chance to new specialists to receive customers in order to prove that they are truly professionals!
Sometimes problem solving requires specialists from a specific location and the map makes it very easy to find the right specialist in a specific location.
The calendar
The real masters of their work schedule is always very tight, the calendar on the service helps such specialists notify their clients about their workload, free days / hours of work, thereby systematizing their work.
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