We were faced with the task:

Creation of a web-catalogue with an information section for clients (a blog with articles) based on WordPress and a selection of necessary modules.

A few words about the customer:

Terrafit is a company-distributor of fertilizers for various crops with 20 years of experience. Is one of the largest suppliers of target products in the southern region of Ukraine.


The Qberry team created not only the functional part, but also rebranded it according to the customer's corporate colors and current trends in design.

The functionality of the ready product allows not only to get acquainted with sales novelties, but also to fulfill an order you like by means of a few clicks. Thanks to the selected database for the site, the product catalog can be updated quickly and easily in real time, which greatly accelerates the consistency of the assortment and the specified information. In addition, informing visitors with news from the world of agronomy is done through a built-in blog, which is also moderated quickly and without delay.

You can read more about the case study on our website.