The customer set us the task:

You need to create a landing page for one of the company's products on their portal.

The main purpose was to acquaint potential customers in various fields (corporate, individuals) with the range of services of the developer of set-top boxes to provide IPTV, OTT and VoD services.

A few words about the customer:

Infomir is a group of companies whose main specialization is the development, design, production, maintenance of equipment and client devices for IPTV, OTT and VoD services. Namely, set-top boxes for operators and users around the world.


After getting acquainted in detail with the technical task and taking into account all the wishes of the customer, we started to create a Landing Page for the Infomir product. We performed landing in a modern style, taking into account all the latest developments in this direction. Emphasis was placed on achievements and a wide range of services provided by the customer.

And in more detail you can read the case on the site by following the link.