The client, Eurohouse Group, approached us with a task:

To create a website that will introduce future customers to us, namely to convey a reflection of our ideology, the concept of the approach to work and the quality of its implementation.

Therefore, it was decided and approved that the most appropriate version of the embodiment of this task would be to create a website business card.

A few words about the client:

Eurohouse Group is an award-winning developer, designer and supplier of luxury interiors and more. The company specializes in creating luxury design when it comes to construction and uses only high-end materials and services in its work.


Since the company is an ardent supporter of top quality in its work in even the smallest of matters, the online representation should not be inferior to such standards. We executed the portal in a simple, yet refined solution, emphasizing the customer's work and thus not overburdening either the portal itself or the visitor.

We more than exceeded all expectations, what the customer is fully satisfied with the work done.

And for more details you can read the case on the site by clicking on the link.