Attracting quality leads has always been very important to B2B organizations - and techniques are constantly evolving. Our lead generation experts have prepared some tips for implementing the most effective lead generation techniques for 2021.
Use these ideas to bolster your plan and provide perspective for your new business strategy.

Denis Kirilov
Lead generation manager

Look back on 2020

Start by reflecting on what worked for your business in 2020, and most importantly, what didn't. It's been a year of uncertainty, with lots of changes in the B2B world - and in order to always improve in the future, we need to learn from the marketing efforts of the past.

Stop relying solely on offline events for lead generation

Networking events have been a reliable source of new business contacts for as long as every marketer can remember. Last year showed that this isn't always possible - and it's vital to make sure you have a Plan B focused on digital and remote working audiences.

Make your website the center of your strategy

For too long, B2B marketers have ignored the power of their websites. In 2021, your business website will be the B2B equivalent of a fashion storefront. Thus, your site should be the center of your strategy - the center of engaging content that will keep your visitors coming back again and again.

You have access to your customer data, so use it !

To generate the best leads, you need to know exactly who your audience is and what they respond best to. From your existing customers and your website analytics to one-time website visitors and the results of your digital marketing campaign, you have a lot of important data at your fingertips, always use it and analyze it.

Increase the stakes of your digital outbound marketing

Outbound marketing tactics work discreetly in the background of your online strategy to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. While we should always focus more on quality leads than quantity, a well-executed and well-designed outbound marketing strategy can work wonders when it comes to converting leads into loyal customers.

Get a handle on your social media.

Social media can introduce you to thousands of new potential customers, so take plenty of time to maintain it. Increase engagement with stories and live videos; build relationships with influencer, affiliate and partner marketing campaigns; experiment with social selling and employee advocacy - and capitalize on that engagement by directing every message back to your website.

The power of personalization

With big data comes big responsibility - you have to remember, if you want to be "seen" and recognized, you need to personalize your content to meet your specific marketing objectives. Start by personalizing landing pages and URLs; segment your audience by industry and use personalization software to deliver customized experiences at any scale.

Don't forget to use analytics to track your site's performance and visitor behavior

If you're not already using a website analytics tool, you could be missing out on a ton of opportunities to improve your site and attract visitors. Analytics can help you see where your website needs improvement, show you the most effective pages, highlight your top referral channels and more.

Optimize your website for conversions

Using your analytics, implement a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy that encourages every website visitor to make a conversion. From the way your site looks and where you place calls to action, to the colors you use and the length of your forms, all in all, and individually, each element plays a literally crucial role in converting traffic.

Recognize at last that the world of SEO has changed and it doesn't stop there

To attract potential customers in 2021, you must first optimize your website to meet the needs of B2B buyers in online search. Search engine optimization has changed - from the increase in voice, visual and mobile search to the growing demand for zero search engine rankings, there's a lot to consider. Keep up the good work, too!

A - automation, automate all processes wherever possible

Automation software is the way forward to prepare your B2B lead generation plan for all occasions. If you want to eliminate manual data entry, waste time on mundane tasks, speed up or improve existing processes, personalize your communications or improve lead generation marketing results - you need to find a solution to automate all processes for your business.

In 2021, interactive content is the best lead magnet

Static content will soon be a thing of the past - demand for interactivity is already at an all-time high. Interactive content is a great way to attract new

potential customers, especially if your website or product can't offer on-the-spot purchases. Increase engagement with surveys, quizzes, expand your toolkits for creating interactive content and more.

Real-time responsive culture, it's a 2021 trend, a "must have" to implement

B2B buyers are now consumers in their personal lives, and consumers demand immediate interaction. We're already used to instant responses from chatbots, which is why we expect ultra-fast responses, next-day delivery and real-time product status updates. Your approach to tracking potential customers must take this into account-and accordingly, a company-wide culture of responsiveness is the only surefire way to retain old customers and attract new ones.

Use video to meet the needs of new B2B buyers

It's no secret that video marketing has become a huge part of 2020, from short social media videos to interactive webinars. Try leveraging the longer form by engaging video content to attract leads and important contact information, while enticing viewers with quick trailers, animated images or gifs, and snippets of social media videos.

And as a bottom line, I'd like to emphasize:

We've all learned by now, the world doesn't stand still, and you have to be ready to literally "now" change your strategy and adjust to the circumstances. You need to maximize the use of all your channels to promote your content, and you need to put your website in the center of your marketing strategy. The power of content personalization used to be underestimated, but now in a time of oversaturation, you need to personalize your content so you can be seen and stand out from both your competitors and your content as a whole. And analytics can help you adjust your strategy for maximum results. There has always been a lot of time wasted on routine tasks, and as a result, a lot of time is spent and the result is not expected, so you need to automate all processes. And real-time response is the very first thing you should implement in your company, otherwise clients will just go to the next line in the search engine. And remember, if your firm isn't online, you don't exist.

And if you want to digitalize your business and go online, leave an application on the website, we will definitely discuss with you your project and offer the best option that will suit you.