Quite often (if not always) projects use third-party services with a lot of useful functionality. The most common, as far as I know, is Google Maps. For its functioning on your site you need API Key, and sometimes there are problems with obtaining it. Below we'll look at how to get and configure our API Key for further use.
Easy and simple, in just 7 crocs you get the API-key for Google Maps.
Andrii Kniaziev
Project Manager
Step 1: The first step is to create a Google account, which you can do by following this link.

Step 2: The second step: go to this link and click "Get Started" . In the pop-up window select "Maps" and click "Continue".
Step 3: If this is your first registration on Google Cloud Services, you will need to create a new project. Fill out a simple form and agree to the terms of use.
Step 4: After you need to bind a payment card, you can use both physical and virtual.
Step 5: Then select the country and click "Accept and Continue".
Step 6: You will also need to fill out a small form about yourself/company.
Fill in all required fields, the name of the cardholder can not enter.
Next, click "Start a free trial" Google checks the card, so your balance will be deducted $ 1, do not worry it will return within a couple of hours. Google services also give a small free usage limit.
After these steps you get the API Key, now you can save it and go to the configuration.
Step 7: The first thing to do is to enable access restriction from web resources. We need the "Protect credentials" section.

It is necessary to select the method we are interested in, in this case "HTTP-sources of transfer", and then you need to insert a link to your site. For example: https://example.com/*.

If you do not add the so-called "white list", the key can be used by any site.
Next, select "Allowed APIs", and choose the APIs we are interested in. In this case, the JavaScript Maps API.
At this stage we have completed the creation and basic configuration of our key. If you exceed the free monthly limit - the service will offer you a paid rate.