Today graphic design is not just breathtaking pictures and catchy logos, it is a full-fledged design of both colorful and at the same time comfortable user interfaces.
I will tell you about a few peculiarities of UX/UI designer.
Vlad New
UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Designer - a specialist who combines two roles: 1. Designs the user experience in the interaction with the interface, as well as the stages of the process that he has to pass to achieve a certain goal (UX - user experience). 2. Defines how these stages, or in other words, steps, will be visually reflected (UI - user interface).
UX design is the design of the user experience on a resource. This is one of the first steps in product development, the primary task of which is to build logic and convenience in the practice of using the resource by the end user. UX-design also determines the emotional impact of interaction with the product, forms the impression of use and the algorithm for further interaction. Therefore, the main task of UX-designer, is to think thoroughly where and how to place the functionality, put the entrance to the personal account, on the right or on the left, the number of steps in the user's execution when reaching a specific task, such as a newsletter subscription or making an order, also determined by understanding how successful the operation was... All this is the task of UX-designer.

UI-design is the implementation of UX-design externally. With UI-design a resource becomes clear to the user purely intuitively, attractive appearance and maximum ease of use. It is achieved by applying graphics and implementing them in the controls, whether it be buttons, checkboxes, pictures, fonts, color schemes and different color images.

The direct duty of UX/UI designer is to help the user to achieve the goal with which he came to your site, application or program. It is from the result of the UX / UI designer user decides definitively on the further interaction with the resource, for example, "like it or not like it," to buy or not to buy.

From this, we can conclude that the difference between UX and UI is that the UX designer builds a plan for how the user will interact with the interface to easily achieve their goal. And the UI designer deals directly with the appearance of those interaction steps.

For an even simpler understanding of the work, let's imagine that UX is the creation of a blueprint of the apartment building and communication pathways, and UI is what it will look like externally: selecting wall colors, flooring, and so on. UX/UI design are closely interconnected and are often the task of one person, so these concepts are sort of blurred and are always specified together.
You should always pay attention to the fact that in the development process UX is always the first priority, and then the UI. It is important to keep this order, especially useful to remember for beginner designers, because many of them take UI first, inventing all sorts of buttons, playing with colors, templates without thinking about how the user will go through this mottling from one step to another.