We suggest you to study comparative graphics of QAdmin and other engines in the categories of development speed, development cost, final product quality, customizability (product changes for individual requirements) and serviceability on the example of "online store" projects.
Development speed (more — better):
Development cost (less — better):
Quality of the final project (more - better):
Customizability (more — better):
Service cost and speed of bug fixing (more — better):
What are the final conclusions on the above data? There are only a few items that can be selected, and we will talk about them. Shopify is very good at creating the most typical online store, but at the same time it offers a very low-cost subscription, charging a fee for each online transaction (in other words, from the turnover) and the lack of integration with 1C and other systems that are "not American-made". Magento is good in those cases when it is necessary to develop a large, corporate system. At this scale, the issue of timing and budget simply is not posed as such, so it is not suitable for everyone.

QAdmin clearly has significant advantages over its competitors in all other solutions.
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