Advantages of QAdmin over CMS of any type:
Using different CMS in the creation of a product always involves a large number of difficulties, problems and compromises. There is no project where you don't have to give up some advantages to please something specific and completely incompatible with, losing flexibility and freedom of development. For example, using a CMS like WordPress (not forgetting about the plugin WooCommerce, wich is often used with it), OpenCart, Magento, Bitrix project almost exactly loses points in our list of advantages in paragraphs such as №2. Quality of the end product and №3. Easy to make changes and improvements. Typical practice of writing modules for CMS by third-party developers adversely affects the quality of code in the vast majority of cases. In addition, the architecture of the CMS literally resists many modifications, because compatibility very rarely comes to the question. For this reason, the introduction of functions unforeseen by the system turns into throwing away money and time. The tuned system of QAdmin modules is simply devoid of these disadvantages and therefore our clients do not even guess about the existence of a whole world of problems related to project development.
Similar developments / competitors:
Naturally, as in any progressive area of human activity, we are not alone in the field of original development systems. For example, the "arsenal" of the Spatie Digital Agency (Antwerp, Belgium) has something similar. Their system also has many ready-made modules, which can be used at will in their projects. But, there are some significant differences.

The Spatie system does not have a ready-made admin panel for each server code module (back-end) as QAdmin offers.

Also, the Belgian team has not fully taken care of the time saving, because they have not developed project templates for typical tasks: online store, business card site, corporate site and so on. They start each similar project from scratch. In our system, preforms are available and are updated with new types.

A significant difference is the economic factor. Since the Belgian agency is subject in the economic system of their country (in which a high standard of living, wages are offset by a high level of taxes, so the cost of work is orders of magnitude higher). We are active participants in the economic world of Ukraine, because the agency is located here. Therefore, with lower taxation (compared to the Belgian one) QBerry agency can allow setting significantly lower prices for development services.

There are no other, even if any, similar high quality developments based on Laravel in the world today.
Due to all the above mentioned points, QBerry Digital Agency manages to keep adequate project prices at high quality and development speed.
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