We present you the following publication from the series "What problems does QAdmin solve?", In which we continue to get acquainted with the QAdmin system, namely, we study its benefits and the scope of tasks.
Even after we created QAdmin and started successfully putting it into practice, the process of development and improvements has not stopped. All modules are regularly updated and improved, because we also care about the modernity, quality and security of the modules, as well as their impeccable operation. When you become our client, after signing a service contract, our experts will update your project with the release of updates of modules in a short time. It should be noted that the automatic mode of updates is possible only for minor changes. Major changes (release of a new version) are often incompatible with the previous version, and for this reason they require manual intervention of a specialist.
Lifetime license and no vendor lock-in:
The QBerry Digital Agency takes an open and transparent approach to product licensing issues. So, ordering the development of a website based on QAdmin from us, you purchase a lifetime license to use it in your project. The use of QAdmin does not force the client to bind to its supplier (QBerry), since the system modules are developed on Laravel framework, and thus adhere to all modern and relevant code standards. This means that the owner of the project is free to choose a further team to support, maintain and refine it, whether it is another studio or freelancers. Of course, our team has a significant advantage over others in terms of project maintenance, such as a thorough knowledge of the code of each of the system modules.
In the next post, read the last points of QAdmin's advantages over a phenomenon like CMS.
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