Let's take a closer look at the range of tasks that our system QAdmin can solve and the advantages it offers.
Development speed:
Due to the large number of ready-made standard (and not only) modules, we can get a much faster website development than if we created it from scratch. For the same modules that still need to be developed from the very beginning, there will surely be "prototypes" of the projects already created by the Qberry team and the experience of our programmers will not be left aside and will help us to solve the problem quickly.
Costs of development:
The time of programmers and other specialists involved in development costs money. Due to the use of our original solutions in the field of development, working time is significantly reduced and with it the final costs as well.
Quality of the final product:
Multiple and regular testing of system modules, their updating and improvement of interaction of all components of QAdmin provides a high quality product regardless of the type of desired resource: online store, web portal, erp-system, etc.
Easy to make changes:
As Laravel today enjoys the highest popularity and is rightfully considered the best of the family of frameworks, the QBerry team chose it. It's simple and clear architecture, infinite customizability giving the possibility to carry out improvements in each individual case. Opens the possibility of immediate changes in a very short time.
Read about other benefits in future publications.
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