What is the expression of professionalism?
One word is not enough to describe it's all meaning . After all, it is a complex of several components. Let us single out a couple of basic components, such as: talent, experience, creative approach to solving problems, tireless desire to develop expert skills. The concept of this "purely human" term is quite good for the general level of the whole company and enterprise. There is no organization that does not appreciate and does not support the idea of professionalism of its employees. And the developed creative potential of the team often finds its way out in the working process or production products, which are distinguished by their originality, freshness of ideas and with a perspective beneficial to all. One of such several products developed by our digital agency is QAdmin. It is a flexible system and a set of Laravel-based modules that have been thoroughly tested and proven to be compatible.
A little bit about what the site structure is.
Schematically any site consists of a server part (back-end, kernel, that is "invisible" to the average user, the internal structure of the resource), the client part (front-end, part of the resource with which the visitor interacts) and admin panel (it is responsible for visual display of the resource, processing requests on the server and managing of site by the owner). QAdmin, as a fast and ready solution in site development, has already a server part (Laravel framework) and admin panel (Vue.js). Due to this set of components, the system is called QAdmin because it is fully ready from the point of view of administration of the future resource. All that is needed to launch the site is to connect the desired layout, which is done individually in each case.
Want to take a closer look at the QAdmin framework?