Main formats:
Branded advertising campaign

Manufacturer of electronics and office equipment

Increasing brand loyalty in B2B and B2C markets

2 months

Display, Social, Video, Native
Experience and technology
The unique procurement algorithm for solving the client's problems within this campaign was performed by a specially formed team of professionals:
The expanded list of placements provided maximum coverage of the target audience
Account manager
Data analyst
AdOps specialist
Customer goals
Conducting an image campaign
Increasing the loyalty of end consumers to the brand
Increasing brand loyalty in the B2B market
Due to the fact that the target audience is represented in two different markets, you should take into account the characteristics of each of them to get the most out of the branded advertising campaign.
Work with customer segments


interested in photography
interested in video recording
attend specialized exhibitions and events
interested in the pros and cons of office equipment manufacturers
sites for photographers
sites for finding office equipment
sites that contain information about competitors

mathematical modeling of users who are similar in behavior to visitors to the client's site
Selection of customer segments in QBERRY DMP
professional photographers and videographers, aged 25–55, clearly manage their financial assets, invest significant amounts in quality equipment
amateurs who are engaged in photography as a hobby that looking for quality equipment at an affordable price
Implementation of an advertising campaign
The customer contacted Qberry to conduct a branded advertising campaign aimed at end users (B2C market) and the B2B market, as the company manufactures electronics (photo and video equipment), as well as office equipment.

Based on the goals set before the advertising campaign, the following formats were chosen:
media advertising
advertising on social networks
video advertising
native advertising
Brand Safety
Exclude ad impressions on sites that contain negative content that could cause the brand reputational damage.
1 stage
Programmatic Display
HTML5 creatives showcasing the brand's products, as well as their main characteristics. The main task is to form an impression of the brand as a manufacturer that offers the best combination of price and quality.


Programmatic Video
Out–stream video on thematic platforms and in social networks. Personalized message depending on the target market and the segment of the target audience.


Cross-device синхронизация
Synchronization campaign between all devices used by one user to access the Internet.

Brand Lift исследование
Launch interactive surveys to determine the audience's awareness of the brand and track search queries mentioning products under the customer's brand to assess the impact of the advertising campaign on the value of brand metrics (Brand Interest).

Programmatic Native
A way to draw attention to the product in the context of the site and the interests of users. Such ads are perceived as part of the site and are not identified as advertising. Personalization of advertising messages by CA segments.

2 stage
Programmatic Social
Advertising posts on social networks. The posts used the main message of the advertising campaign and GIF images, similar in content to the HTML5 banners used for the media campaign.

Brand Lift исследование
Repeated surveys among participants in the experimental and control user groups to obtain comparative results of the Brand Awareness metric and analysis of search queries to assess the impact of past advertising campaigns on brand interest.

Campaign results
It is important to understand that visits to the site are not the main indicator of the quality of image advertising, because the main purpose of such advertising is to influence the perception of the brand, its memorability and recognizability by the target audience.

In this regard, to measure the effectiveness of image advertising were chosen brand metrics that reflect user awareness of the brand and interest in the brand.
After the completion of 2 stages, the actual coverage of the advertising campaign amounted to 1,059,086 unique users, which exceeded the planned figure by 5.9%
More than half of the advertising campaign coverage was achieved through media and video advertising. 20.6% of the audience was reached through advertising on social networks and 17.8% through native advertising.
Overall brand loyalty and online user engagement has grown significantly. Brand metrics have a positive dynamics, which allows us to conclude that the QBerry team selected the right campaign settings, formats and channels.

Analytics of traffic that came to the site for advertising, suggests that the target audience is qualitatively selected, as evidenced by synthetic indicators.

72.6% of the covered users were end users (B2C market), 27.4% — the target audience of the B2B market.
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2:16 мин
growth of Brand Awareness
of unique users were involved during the campaign
of new users on the site
increased Brand Interest

average session time